Who we are

GEOMAQ GROUP was founded in 1978, and has a full industry infra-structure, machine rebuilding services and wholesales, including import and export spare parts for heavy equipment and sugarcane harvesters.

Geomaq Distribution Center - USA

To be ahead of its competitors and establish an international footprint, Geomaq opened a branch in Miami, aligned with HE-parts International. The primary Strategy is to provide availability of parts, competitive prices and a diverse portfolio of products.

Construction Equipment

The machine Case 580 Backhoe® was chosen as the first main line of products due to its popularity and the lack of replacement parts on the market.

Sugar Cane Harvesters

Geomaq manufactures and supply a wide range of products for sugar cane Harvesters (JD and Case®). As part of its portfolio, there are also several improvements on OEM parts. Geomaq is proud to be a preferred supplier for some of the biggest sugar mills in the world.